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I am Giorgio

I am a Designer

and Videomaker

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My Interests

Diving, swimming, running, playing guitar & percussions, reading, writing, shooting video or pictures, traveling, learning new things, new languages, new cultures, cooking, playing tennis, loving animals, caring about our planet.



I started moving my steps in web design beginning with my own flash website. Yeah, it was a mess but was a useful approach to set up in my mind the idea of web space and what was good to see and what not.
Then I went deep in HTML and CSS, and I’ve been very happy when HTML5 and CSS3 were born, because lot of things were possible, and could come out of my head.
I learned the basics of Javascript and Php when I started using WordPress as a must-have-cms to propose websites design as a freelance. I moved few steps in the App field too.
Nowadays I can think at myself as a front-end developer, love to manipulate code and see what happens in doing it.


This was for sure my first love, even if I’m not working on it everyday.
The story begun when I was a teenager and with a friend I shooted my first video, edited using a camcorder in vhs and a video recorder. Stop. Rec. Play. Stop. Literally. Then I bought my first Mac, the power of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect and Final Cut helped me to create whatever I wanted. Then I bought a Broadcast Camera and for few years had a lot of fun. Nowadays I can shoot and edit commercials, interviews and whatever inspires me or I’m hired for.



I approached graphics because I needed to realize animation in After Effect. Everything started hating Bezier curves. Then understanding their powerful use, among all the other instruments in Adobe Illustrator.
Then I approached Photoshop, hating again! Now I can’t live without. It was because at the beginning I studied both by myself, then discussing with other creative friends, my third eye opened and with the help of many I deepened my knowledge. I use everyday those tools, a little less Sketch and Indesign. I’m always looking for inspiration on Dribbble, Smashing Magazine, Tumblr and whatever excite my curiosity.

Last works in my portfolio



Bezzy has been an adventure mainly online. I only met the client by skype, and helped to show the brand just born to the world. It’s been a work of great value, because I’m part of a project willing to grow more and more and aim to spread a real made in Italy around the world. Next step will be setting up the e-commerce.

Web Design 40% – Art Direction 40% – WordPress 15% – Social Managing 5%
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Giovanni Block

With Giovanni friendship came across working lines. He wanted me to be the one to create guidelines for all his communication. He’s a good musician and a good entertainer either, he’s managing social networks as a guru, while I’m managing his web and digital image across platforms and networks.

Web Design 30% – WordPress 30% – Social Managing 10% – Art Direction 30%
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Be Quiet Night

Be Quiet Night is an experience created by musicians willing to offer audience a new perspective to approach songwriter’s world. A unique show needed a unique website, with a blog, galleries and an event section to know where the next show will be and a biography section for each artist and where is possibile connect directly.

Web Design 40% – Art Direction 20% – WordPress 40%
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ByTecno is an e-commerce platform selling hi-tech and electronic stuff. A cool place where has been possible test the newest gadget proposed by great companies. I shooted and edited products reviews for their youtube channel, helped in fixing bugs in their website and in creating newsletters and facebook ads.

Shooting 25% – Editing 25% – Front end 25% – Graphics 25%
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to have an idea & see my past works, check here :)

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I like to meet and talk with new people while having a good coffee or a beer. If you wish to show me your project or want a suggestion on how renew your website or brand identity, well for anything I'll be happy to meet you. What about start with the form beside? Or find me on the social beneath.

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